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Proactive Engagement: Boosting Online Visitor Interactions with Qualifico's Web Chat

In today's digital age, engaging with online visitors in real-time has become an essential aspect of successful marketing and sales strategies. Qualifico, a cutting-edge conversational marketing tool, empowers businesses to proactively interact with their website visitors through a seamless web chat experience. With Qualifico, users can monitor online visitors in real-time, send messages, and integrate with platforms like HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365. In this blog post, we'll explore the best practices for proactively engaging with online visitors using Qualifico's web chat, with a focus on strategies and points of engagement for human users.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Qualifico provides real-time monitoring of website visitors. To effectively engage with visitors, users should utilize this feature to keep a close eye on their online activity. Monitor visitors' behavior, such as the pages they are visiting, the time spent on each page, and their journey through the website. This information can help identify opportunities for engagement.

Targeted Messaging:

Sending personalized and targeted messages to online visitors can significantly improve the chances of interaction. Create messages that align with the visitor's interests and behavior on the website. For example:

  • "Hi there! Noticed you've been exploring our product pages. Do you have any questions or need assistance with product information?"
  • "Welcome to our website! We see you've been reading our blog. Is there a specific topic you'd like to learn more about?"

Timing is Key:

Timing is crucial when it comes to engaging with online visitors. Send messages at the right moment to catch their attention without being intrusive. For instance:

  • "Hello! We noticed you've spent some time on our pricing page. Can we help clarify any pricing details for you?"
  • "It seems like you're about to leave our website. Before you go, is there anything we can assist you with?"

Polite and Non-Intrusive Approach:

Maintain a polite and non-intrusive approach in your messages. Visitors should feel comfortable engaging with your web chat. Use messages like:

  • "We're here to help whenever you're ready. Feel free to ask any questions or request assistance."
  • "No pressure – we're just a message away if you need any support during your visit."

Facilitating Conversations:

Qualifico's AI agent is designed to be accessible and engaging. It can facilitate the conversation with visitors by asking open-ended questions and offering relevant information. For instance:

  • "What brings you to our website today? Is there a specific goal you'd like to achieve?"
  • "I noticed you were interested in our services. Can you tell me more about your needs, so I can assist you better?"

Human Intervention:

While Qualifico's AI agent handles initial interactions, human sales agents can monitor the conversation and intervene when they see fit. They can provide more detailed information, answer complex queries, and offer a personalized touch to the conversation.


Qualifico is The Pipeline Generator™, a software and technology company that creates next-level, innovative conversational marketing solutions to optimize customer interactions and boost website performance for revenue teams in midsize and enterprise organizations. We use our unique AI-infused solution to unlock powerful web chat capabilities using deep CRM integrations that enable a future-forward, real-time engagement experience, leveraging advanced analytics and automation to help businesses drive conversions, increase sales, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

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