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Slack Integration

Qualifico supports real time notifications with Slack App. This article will include step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Slack with Qualifico.


  • You must have a Qualifico user

  • You must have a Slack user account


  1. Login to your Qualifico account and navigate to Settings -> Integrations

  2. Under integrations, you will see the available options for your user account integrations. Click on the Slack logo under the "Notification Apps" category to start the Slack integration

  3. You will be redirected to your Slack account. Click to Authorize the Qualifico App on the Slack account page. The page will take you back to the Qualifico integrations page

  4. A green check mark will appear on the Slack logo to indicate that integration was successful. 

  5. And you will receive a "welcome message" in Slack:
  6. At any point, you can remove the integration by clicking on the Slack logo and approving the removal of the integration

  7. Refresh the Qualifico App


Send Notifications:

  1. Login as a Qualifico admin user and navigate to Admin->Interactions

  2. Click to add an interaction record

  3. In the Chat Flow section drag the ‘Send Notification’ node to one of the branches

  4. Once added, fill out the properties:

    1. Node Title - the title of the node you will see on the Chat Flow

    2. Description (optional) - Describing the purpose of notification

    3. Title - The notification message title

    4. Body - The notification message body

    5. Notification Type - Choose Slack

  5. Click Update and then Save

  6. Now when the interaction we added meets its condition a Slack notification message will be sent to your installed Qualifico App